Enrollment Policies

How to Register

To register a child in our daycare, first, there must be a place available in their age group. Some of our classes fill faster than others. Please contact us first to make sure space is available for the group you are needing.

For a child to begin attending our childcare center, we must have the enrollment packet and your annual registration fee of $100.00 (Infants through After School). All registration forms must be completely filled out and delivered at or before your child‘s first drop off, including medical forms.


All registration fees are due upon enrollment and are NON-REFUNDABLE. Registration is due annually on June 1.

Tuition MUST BE Paid REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE. If our daycare center closes for ANY REASON ie: Weather, Sickness, Orders from State or Government more than 1 week, 50% of your daycare tuition MUST be paid weekly to maintain your spot in the center.

The weekly tuition is due on MONDAY of that week and must be paid whether the child is in attendance or not. If paying by check please include your child’s name on the memo line of the check. A late fee of $40.00 will apply if not received by CLOSE OF BUSINESS TUESDAY EVENING. If payment continues to be past due, you will be charged $40.00 for each week that it remains unpaid. If the past due amount accumulates for more than two (2) weeks, your child will not be allowed to return until all payments are paid in full.

All FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE Including any positive balance upon child withdrawal. Fees will not be adjusted due to weather or school closures except for the use of vacation and sick days.

There is a $40.00 charge on all returned checks. You must pay the original amount of the check and the check charge, by cash or money order within five (5) days, after being contacted by our office. If the cash or money order has not been received by the fifth day your child will not be allowed to return to school until the balance is paid.

Vacation/Sick Leave Policy

All children will be allowed five (5) days beginning June 1 through May 31 for vacation, and three (3) sick days. Please let us know in advance when you will be using vacation days. You will be required to pay full tuition for all other absences (except for hospitalization). NO EXCEPTIONS!

Withdrawal from Our Program

You must give the daycare center two (2) weeks notice in writing if you are taking your child out of the program and all outstanding balances need to be paid in full. IF YOU DO NOT GIVE A TWO (2) WEEK NOTICE YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TUITION FEES FOR THOSE WEEKS. Vacation/Sick Leave cannot be used as your two (2) weeks notice.

Expulsion/Termination Policy

We desire to work with children and parents in every way possible to provide a positive learning experience. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to dismiss a child from the Center for any of the following reasons:

  • Delinquent fees/failure to pay fees on time.
  • Failure to provide needed information and/or complete required forms.
  • Giving false information.
  • Inappropriate behavior by the parent, guardian, or other individuals designated by the parent to pick the child up. This includes disruptive, abrasive or abusive behavior or behavior that makes the staff uncomfortable. It is not our intent to prevent the parent from expressing their views, even angry ones, but we must prevent scenes that frighten the children, disrupt our activities, or minimize the respect for and rapport between children and staff.
  • If a child’s behavior becomes too disruptive to the program or becomes a problem that poses an unsafe situation for the child or other children in the class.
  • Parent’s consistent disregard for the centers policies and procedures.
  • If special needs cannot be met.
  • Absent for 3 consecutive days without notification.