Health and Safety

Health and Safety

A child will not be accepted, nor allowed, to remain at the child care center if the child has the equivalent of a one hundred and one (101) degree or higher oral temperature. Children need to be fever free for twenty-four (24) hours without medication before they may return to school.

All contagious diseases, i.e. hand, foot, and mouth disease, ring worm, head lice, chicken pox, measles, thrush, etc., should be reported to the center in order that we can inform the parents. If your child is unable to return due to a contagious illness you must have a doctor’s note that he/she is no longer contagious and may return.


If your child has open wounds or any contagious microorganisms, i.e. ringworm, they will be required to remain covered while at school. In case of ringworm they will also be excluded from all water related activities.

If a child is dismissed from the daycare center because of a contagious illness, a doctor’s note is required before your child may return to the child care center.

If your child is prone to diaper rash, please provide cream to be kept in their baskets to be used when needed. We have an Authorization to Dispense External Preparations available at the front desk. A copy of this is kept in the child’s room and also in their permanent file.

Sickness Policy

Two or more of the following symptoms may cause your child to have to stay home: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Sore Throat, Coughing, Chills, Ear Ache, Skin Eruptions, Red Eyes.

If a child becomes sick while in our care, we will notify a parent/guardian. Please pick him/her up as soon as possible. If a child has 2 or more cases of vomiting or diarrhea you will have to pick up the child.

Prescription Medications

Building Blocks Learning Center will not be responsible for dispensing any prescribed medications to children with the exception of prescribed topical medicines. An ‘authorization to dispense external preparations’ form is available at the front desk.

If your child requires prescription medications, the Medication Form will have to be filled out. Please let Building Blocks Learning Center know of any adverse reaction the child may have. If we at the center notice any signs or reactions, a parent will be contacted. As well as medical services if it is necessary.


A certificate of immunization, form 3231, must be provided. Parents are responsible for keeping the immunization record up to date, in order to remain at the Center. Children need to have their immunizations updated within 30 days of enrolling in our program. If your child is “EXEMPT” we MUST have a note from the child’s physician stating so.

Medical Emergencies

If a child has noticeable adverse reaction to any prescribed medication, becomes ill, or injured, the parents/guardian will be notified and depending on the severity of the emergency, either medical attention will be secured, or 911 will be contacted for assistance.

In the event of an occurrence of a communicable disease, written notification will be posted on the classroom door within twenty-four (24) hours.